Silence Is Sexy [Feature Band]

Silence Is Sexy

Written by Ron Trembath

The Netherlands have a secret that is rapidly being exposed. Silence is Sexy is an electric and gravity-defying group specializing in harmonies and the owners of an arsenal of alternative instrumentals. On This Ain’t Hollywood, the guys portray exactly what it means to use powerful lyrics to dramatize pulse pounding in the spirit of My Bloody Valentine.

The album kicks right into gear with the high intensity of “Back To You”. Followed by the more bouncy cut, “Night Out.” As the record continues, an obvious structure develops as well; a solemn attitude begins to progress above it all. The attitude becomes even more somber and emotional by the conveniently titled final track, “Closing Titles”. Despite the downgrading of intensity in the track list, the spirit and quality never fade. It remains beautiful words laid over beautiful strands of musical goodness. And “Spider” is as metaphorically perfect of a song as far as these lyrics are concerned.

As Silence Is Sexy proclaimed, they are going the Radiohead route, Meaning you can legally download This Ain’t Hollywood free of charge from their website. And with a globally growing fan base, this foursome may not only be great musicians, but well-thought self promoters as well. Regardless of how the record is heard, the quality music they create is undeniable.

Silence Is Sexy: Spider [mp3]
[audio:090106_silence_is_sexy_-_spider.mp3|titles=Spider|artists=Silence Is Sexy]

Silence Is Sexy: Come Back To You [mp3]
[audio:090106_silence_is_sexy_-_come_back_to_you.mp3|titles=Come Back To You|artists=Silence Is Sexy]

This Ain't Hollywood by Silence Is Sexy

[mp3 Album, 2008]

1. Come Back To You
2. Night Out
3. 1984
4. This Ain’t Hollywood
5. On The Beach
6. You Are A Mirror
7. Where Were You
8. Talk
9. Spider
10. Closing Titles

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