En Francais [Feature Band]

En Francais

Yet again here is a feature band discovered through the infamous IndiePages demos section. En Francais boasts a wide range of influences, from more well known groups like Belle & Sebastian and The Beatles to lesser known artists and lables like The Lucksmiths and Sarah Records. And it all shows in their music.

Mixing their light indie pop with twee roots, En Francais comes out sounding like a Matinee or Sarah Records artist with Elliott Smith or Simon & Garfunkel style vocals. The Smiths-esque vocals are most aparent in “Every Last Chance” while jangly guitars support the acoustic rhythm in manner similar to that of Math & Physics Club. In “Eat Great Even Late”, a mystical synth woos the listener before leading into the signature jangle for one of the sweetest songs the group produces. Taking an early 70s pop sound and adding some ooh-la-las can bring out references to the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Sarah Records artists.

“Seasonal” is a well-crafted pop tune with electronic backing drums, lightly strummed acoustic guitars, the hum of keys, and harmony vocals. “Leave It Be” is a hypnotic song with a heavy percussion not heard in the other tunes provided on MySpace but still making room for that sweet sound found elsewhere in the songs of En Francais.

Despite the French title, the group hails from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Fronted by Dean and Scott, the group has been known to perform with more members to round out the sound. En Francais is a special kind of group – the kind that makes me wish I had the cash to start a record label, rent them studio time and release an EP.

This feature was originally posted July 2, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

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