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Rogue Motel: Daylight Breaking [Album Review]

Rogue Motel by whiteteeth

Written by Ron Trembath

This eccentric five-some make music that combines so many elements or rock-n-roll, they create their own genre. And Daylight Breaking by Rogue Motel (MySpace) puts it all out on the table. Each song is full and has an individual tone that’s set over breathtaking melodies. For a band that only formed as a whole on the first night of recording, they play with a great sense of unity and ambition. Not to mention an “ole time rock-n-roll” vibe.

Rogue Motel shines on radio friendly tracks such as “Hurry Up” and “Long Enough”, in which toe tapping and head bobbing is almost impossible to avoid during well constructed breakdowns. But, when the high tempo starts to fade, tracks like the nine minute epic cover “Marie”, and the ill-faded “Garden” slow down the pace and take you on an immaculate journey through love, despair, and everything in-between.

Daylight Breaking could arguably be one of the best indie releases of 2008. A certain antiquity in the track list could be one reason for the album’s grand stature. Or maybe it’s Matthew Kendall’s bright yet sullen vocals, which are a reminder of Gabe Dixon or Ed Kowalczyk (in his prime that is). Whatever it may be, these boys know what it takes to make a kick ass record. And even that is hard to find these days.

*Above photo by whiteteeth.

Rogue Motel: Little Waves [mp3]
[audio:1219_rogue_motel_-_little_waves.mp3|titles=Little Waves|artists=Rogue Motel]

Rogue Motel: Hurry Up [mp3]
[audio:1219_rogue_motel_-_hurry_up.mp3|titles=Hurry Up|artists=Rogue Motel]

Daylight Breaking by Rogue Motel

[CD, 2008]

1. Hurry Up
2. Fault
3. Garden
4. Smoke And Vines
5. Long Enought
6. It’s Not Too Late
7. Little Waves
8. Tired And Wasted
9. The Fronts
10. Marie

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