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matt pond PA: The Freeep

matt pond PA

Written by Ron Trembath

A truly lovable indie/ambient sound is hard to come by in a world of music filled with angst and worry. Thankfully there are melodically in-tune bands like matt pond PA. Few bands are so in touch with a rampant disregard for what may please the incumbents of a sadder existence. In a time of constant crisis, a gathering like matt pond PA (MySpace) and his merry men can serve as a fairweather fellowship.

Throughout The Freeep, simplistic perfection can be heard and understood. Ironically, “Imperfect” could be the most perfect song on the entire record. Its Elliot Smith influenced tone speaks louder than Varuna’s voice to the skies and seas. For a free downloadable EP, the set up of the track list is impeccable. Immediately following on the list is “First Light”. An unbelievably illumined (so says this agnostic zine writer) yet pasturage for the angels of a new generation.

matt pond PA has a sound that is barre from unnecessary interpreters. Influences have inquired, but they probably didn’t realize that. But, this band of substantial musicians prove on this album that they can provide much more than your daily value of essence in a collate like earth.

matt pond PA: Imperfect [mp3]
[audio:1219_matt_pond_pa_-_imperfect.mp3|titles=Imperfect|artists=matt pond PA]

matt pond PA: First Light
[audio:1219_matt_pond_pa_-_first_light.mp3|titles=First Light|artists=matt pond PA]

The Freeep by Matt Pond PA

[mp3 EP, 2008]

1. Hearts And Minds
2. Our Braided Lives
3. five
4. One And Only
5. Imperfect
6. three
7. First Light
8. Amazing Life
9. one

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