Moscow Olympics: Second Trace [Video]

Moscow Olympics

Written by Fense

Pop fans of the world unite. Well, make that past tense — united. Pop fans of the world united for this video. Moscow Olympics is not from Russia, as the name might suggest. They’re from the Philippines. Their video for “Second Trace” was put together by a pop fan from Brazil. And now this little piece was written by a guy in the states. See, music does have the ability to unite the world!

“Second Trace” is an interesting video. All it features is a spinning hollow orb that, depending on where you focus, spins continually in the same direction. Changing your focus will ultimately switch its direction. it’s kinda like those paintings at the mall — if you look hard enough a picture will emerge — but not quite. I won’t give it away but the midpoint changes it up a bit.

Combined with the drone-y garage-pop of Moscow Olympics, influenced by Joy Division/New Order as well as twee and Sarah Records artists like Blueboy, it’s quite hypnotic. I have the sneaking suspicion that you will fall in love with “Second Trace” and that, after listening to “Still”, you’ll be sold that Moscow Olympics is one of the bands to keep an eye on in 2009. If this isn’t true, you’re not watching the video properly…

Moscow Olympics: Still [mp3]
[audio:1218_moscow_olympics_-_still.mp3|titles=Still|artists=Moscow Olympics]

Moscow Olympics: Second Trace from eduardo omine on Vimeo.

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