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Jonathan Clay: The Acoustic Sessions [Album Review]

Jonathan Clay

It would be great if life were as smooth and simple as a Jonathan Clay (or Jason Mraz, Howie Day, etc.) song. In a genre like this, what I like to call bubbly acoustic, even the saddest of moments could seem minuscule and easily bearable. Call it a guilty pleasure, but these indie, John Mayer influenced strummers and singers are a much brighter light in the world of pop music than we have seen in, oh, the last ten years at least! (See: boy bands, rap metal, and Fall Out Boy).

Clay’s free download of an acoustic set (brought to you buy Levi’s 501 jeans, which you will hear as an intro to every song) via Clay’s MySpace page sparkles through the usual happy melodies over two to three chord instrumentals, as well as a moderately toned blues influence. More Grayson Capps, than John Lee Hooker, mind you. “This One’s For Me” seems to be the shining blues riddled track. It could be heard that the title is refering to his yearning to spread his creative wings and fly beyond his well organized, but very catchy tracks like “Hello, Goodbye” or “More Than A Picture” (which sounds like a remix of Justin Nozuka’s “Golden Train”).

Jonathan Clay’s music may not be for every stocking-capped-in-July hipster from the indie rock capitals of America. But, he will have an audience in the less judgmental, yet less responsive crowds who simply want to sit under the willow trees of their near by college campus, and relax the day away.

With the world desperately in need of a forward yet slower motion, this bubbly acoustic rock could be VH1’s way to help. And The Acoustic Sessions could be the headway for this new era of Obama’s kids in the new era of change. Jonathan Clay is sure to let the common people of the world know one thing – it’s okay to be happy!

Jonathan Clay: More Than A Picture [Sponsored mp3]
[audio:1208_jonathan_clay_-_more_than_a_picture_sponsored.mp3|titles=More Than A Picture|artists=Jonathan Clay]

Jonathan Clay: This One’s For Me [Sponsored mp3]
[audio:1208_jonathan_clay_-_this_ones_for_me_sponsored.mp3|titles=This One’s For Me|artists=Jonathan Clay]

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