The Smallgoods [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

Now here’s a label I haven’t checked out in a while — Lost And Lonesome Recordings, Australia’s premiere source for great indie pop from down under. This group, The Smallgoods, makes folk music with a light inclusion of simple pop traits. For one, there’s the compounded, harmony vocals, often featuring more than three members.

They look folk as well — encompassing the old-school definition of the word much in the way that Fleet Foxes do. They’re not hippies; they predate that era by decades, yet their music is inherently modern in terms of folk. Their melodies are beautiful and their songs intricate and orchestrated — but not orchestral.

Now it’s been ages since I’ve added an Australian pop group to my favorites list, but if these guys keep up what they’re doing with “Traipse Through The Valley”, included below for stream and download, then the current list toppers (including (from third to first, respectively: Summercats, The Lucksmiths, and The Zebras) will need to resign their posts.

“Traipse Through The Valley” is off Down On The Farm.

The Smallgoods: Traipse Through The Valley [mp3]
[audio:1205_the_smallgoods_-_traipse_through_the_valley.mp3|titles=Traipse Through The Valley|artists=The Smallgoods]

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