Vancougar [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

Vancougar is the Washington State University (my alma mater) newspaper. While I went to the Pullman campus (whose daily paper is The Daily Evergreen), the Vancougar is the Vancouver, WA campus’ bi-weekly periodical. We are the Cougars, and this year we fuckin’ ROCKED the apple cup. Of course, the two teams playing, WSU and UW, are pretty much the worst in the nation, so there’s not much to boast about winning in double overtime.

Vancougar (MySpace) the band is made up of four lovely Canadian women, two of whom call Vancouver, BC their home. Their music blends pop and garage and a hint of punk for a sound that is strikingly similar to that of Vancouver’s now sadly defunct The Organ. In fact, upon my first hearing “Obvious”, and noting the band as being from Vancouver, I had to do some research to ensure that front-woman Eden Fineday was not actually Katie Sketch.

But, after another few listens, it’s obvious: Eden’s lyrics are slightly simpler and less refined. Vancougar, however, shows great promise. Maybe they’re what I’ve been waiting for — they’ve pretty much picked up right where The Organ left off! And I, for one, am damn excited to hear more.

“Obvious” can be found on Vancougar’s release Canadian Tuxedo, available for purchase from Zunior.

Vancougar: Obvious [mp3]

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