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Entertainment For The Braindead: Hydrophobia [Album Review]

Entertainment For The Braindead

I’ve been in-tune with, and a fan of, Aerotone Records for some time now. Each release they give the world is truly given to the world — they are all free with the option to pay, a strategy that has been in place (to my knowledge) since the beginning. They are what one would call a netlabel. One of their latest releases is Hydrophobia by Entertainment For The Braindead (MySpace).

The music is simple, electronic-based folk. It is slightly reminiscent of my recent coverage of Arliss Parker’s Handsome Like A Lion (in my opinion, one of the greatest EPs of the year). The key difference is a heightened presence of guitar, a subtler electronic element, and the inclusion of additional instruments. “Resolutions”, in fact, does not appear to have any electronic elements which is a slight excursion from Aerotone’se typical style, but a key element selectively found on tunes by Entertainment For The Braindead.

The electronic treatment on Hydrophobia is generally limited to percussion, but it’s not your standard drum box — it’s softer with a more pleasant edge to it that simply enhances tunes like “Resolutions” and “Fences”.

There are further traces of electronic-generated loops, again in the style of Parker — while I did not mention it in the review of Handsome Like A Lion, one element I liked so much about the EP was its similarity to select artists like Entertainment For The Braindead and others from the Aerotone library.

I guess the end would be a good place to bring up the woman behind Entertainment For The Braindead — Julia Kotowski. She’s the wee age of 21, from Cologne, Germany. And her music was all recorded in her bedroom. Music like that on Hydrophobia is hypnotic. It is calming and soothing and relaxing — an audible brain massage, curing all ills, removing all stress. It is medicine for the soul.

Entertainment For The Braindead: What You Get [mp3]
[audio:1203_eftb_-_what_you_get.mp3|titles=What You Get|artists=Braindead]

Hydrophobia by Entertainment For The Braindead

aerotone records / aaahh records [mp3 album, 2008]

1. Prologue
2. Colours
3. Resolutions
4. Run!
5. Mi Corazon
6. Fences
7. Hydrophobia
8. What You Get
9. A Trace
10. Maybe

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