Verona Red [Feature Band]

Verona Red

Written by Ron Trembath

Verona Red is a genre bending four piece from Chicago with a sound that will cut your soul like an unnoticed episiotomy. At first listen, a weariness may settle in your stomach. But it will become obvious when your feet began to move in a Setzer-esque skanking motion, that they have taken over your entire body.

With a fun loving and classic rock vibe, these precarious musicians manage to sound like a b-side version of any 90’s artist of your choosing. Try to imagine a synth-laced Dog’s Eye View. Or a bit more forceful version of early Jets To Brazil with a viable dance-y feel. “Marjorie”, a splendid track from their recent album Side Effects, brings a vision of happy hacky sackers outside a Mighty Mighty Bosstones show.

There is a high octane intensity that is physically undeniable in Verona Red’s new wave explication. But, the kicker would have to be their ability to blend musical crafts without having created a noticeably biased opinion of what good time rock and roll should sound like. With a plethora of fairly complex crescendos, these guys are sure to enlighten any evening with their dirty angel battle cries. With the funky styling of an odd brand of ska, these guitar waving boss men are sure to please many and disappoint very few.

Verona Red: Marjorie [mp3]
[audio:1125_verona_red_-_marjorie.mp3|titles=Marjorie|artists=Verona Red]

Verona Red: Warm Body Syndrome [mp3]
[audio:1125_verona_red_-_warm_body_syndrome.mp3|titles=Warm Body Syndrome|artists=Verona Red]

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