Houseguest [Feature Band]


Wait a second. Hold on. Stop. Huh? I’m confused. I do not know where this song came from. I do not know where this band came from. All I know is that last week I sat down with a bottle of wine and ran through about 125 emails and that somewhere in this process a song called “The Day Will Come Around” by a band called A Man For All Seasons happened to find its way into the pile of mp3s I decided (yes, over half a bottle of wine) to write about.

Before I go any further, I must note that the above picture was taken by Timothy Fitzwater. You can check him out either on Flickr or on the Zipper City Photography website.

After one listen, I decided to do my research; dismal findings ensued, in the following order:

1. I ran the names through my email. No results.
2. I Googled ’em. Nothing at first.
3. So I narrowed it to band name + MySpace. And a hit! But, while I somehow seem to recall seeing that user image before, the song in question is not there. It also mentioned this band consists of one, but “The Day Will Come Around” apparently features many.
4. Then I found it: Houseguest was a friend of A Man For All Seasons. I clicked the link and a song titled “There Will Go The Day” was a direct match!
5. A stray thought: So, which is it? A Man For All Seasons or Houseguest?
6. A return search of said inbox yielded several Houseguest related items.

I had my answer. Houseguest. I present to you “There We Go The Day” by Houseguest. A brilliant romp as good as anything by Man Man or The Mai Shi.

Houseguest: There We Go The Day [mp3]
[audio:1121_houseguest_-_there_we_go_the_day.mp3|titles=There We Go The Day|artists=Houseguest]

2 thoughts on “Houseguest [Feature Band]

  1. Tim, thanks for the note. Yeah, I figured he was in the band. Not sure why the mp3 that was sent my way was labeled as being by him though.

    Great photos by the way!


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