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Westfold: Morning Commute [Album Review]


Written by Ron Trembath

Westfold serves as a prime example of “contemporary” in the most literal sense on their second EP, Morning Commute. Using their classic antidote of happy despair, Westfold manages to create something bold and original, using a template that is faded and worn. It is always a pleasure to hear from a group that is not scared of imaginary boundaries, but doesn’t forget their beginnings.

Only on “Formerly Known As Tremors” does Westfold return to the aggressive folk melodies of their first EP, No Frills Catalyst. The remaining cuts take you through a tour of grated grunge with touches of the indie new wave that has become such a strong hold in their hometown of Portland, OR. Tracks like “Effervescent Malady” and “Mousetrap” appear more organized and provide a full bodied sound. But “Modern World: The Glass Slipper” acts as an avante garde display of hysteria; yet somehow it blends perfectly with Morning Commute‘s preceding songs.

For long time Westfold fans, Morning Commute will be a delight simply because the band decided to experiment but never lost their true essence of denying melodic transparency. For those just tuning in, this album is exactly what you will continue to recognize as the sound of Westfold in the time to come. Indie rock has always been desperate for a sound such as this. Therefore, I am willing to bet it shall never fade completely.

Westfold: Kingsblood [mp3]

Morning Commute by Westfold

[CDEP, 2008]

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  1. spoken like someone who has had their socks rocked off – i find myself humming their melodies out of the clear blue. the true treat is experiencing westfold live, their raw emotion and passion for the music they make is electrifying!

    beautiful words mr. trembath

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