A.Armada [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

In music, it is very rare to create something entirely new. To break ground would be to christen a new instrument, one that does something bizarre, one that sounds like no other. Or to use an instrument in a way that has never been done before. Moments like these have spawned great works — my recent viewing and subsequent coverage of Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution comes to mind. Another artist along these lines could be Wolf Eyes.

Can you see where this is going? No, A.Armada does not break new ground. In fact, they sound a bit like their contemporaries in Explosions in the Sky, and my friends AristeiA. But genres and subgenres often feature an array of similarities in the artists that call them home. To quote Heroes (yes, I am a nerd) — We are all cheap knockoffs of our fathers. But I wouldn’t go so far as calling A.Armada a cheap knockoff. No, with the amount of instrumental passion and emotion, they could never be that.

Earlier I mentioned Explosions in the Sky — A.Armada often have the drone-filled sound EITS favors, but it’s not always so. There’s also a bit of metal here; something along the lines of Sweden’s Dungen. That’s what can be heard in “The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship”, a song that could very well challenge the standing “Longest Song Title” champion.

That song is included below for your enjoyment. And for my patience, I’ll simply call it “The Moon Shifts The Sea…” For some reason, I can never get enough of this style music, be it EITS, AristeiA, Mono, Dungen, or even A.Armada… I love it all.

A.Armada: The Moon Shifts The Sea… [mp3]
[audio:1110_a_armada_-_the_moon_shifts_the_sea.mp3|titles=The Moon Shifts The Sea…|artists=A.Armada]

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