Michael Zapruder: Ads For Feelings [Video]

Michael Zapruder

Written by Fense

I’m a bit sad. Yesterday, the 6th of November, was my one month anniversary at my new job. I really enjoy my work and the people I work with, but it means I must rent a room in the small town of Edison (at a really great house with a really great roommate) and I am only able to be in Seattle Friday evening through Sunday early afternoon, when I can return to my condo in Ballard, where I live on weekends (and where my girlfriend lives all week). It’s sad because it means I miss out on all the great shows that happen in Seattle — case in point, Michael Zapruder (MySpace), slated to play Sunset Tavern this Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoy living in Edison. It’s a quirky little town (little may be an understatement, as the population cannot exceed 300) that has two bakeries, two taverns, an art gallery, an ice cream shop, and a mini grocery store — all feature local goods only; it’s very much a hippie town. But you simply don’t get the music in Edison, or in Mount Vernon where I work, or even in Bellingham (half an hour north of Mount Vernon and approximately 20 minutes from Edison if you don’t get stuck behind any tractors or old people on the road to the I5.

Zapruder plays a soft, romantic folk-pop, as can be heard on his upcoming album Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, out November 18 and available now for preorder on Sidecho Records. “Ads For Feelings” comes from that album, and is slightly darker than some of the tunes on Dragon Chinese. The video is bizarre but fun and creative and makes me want to hear more.

So, while I relax in this farmhouse, I’ll keep the tunes rollin’ in, enjoy my Spaten Optimator (an excellent sweet, dark German beer — they don’t really make them like this in the states), and eat my beef Quesadilla packed with cheese and the leftover homemade enchilada sauce I made yesterday. I’ll probably be doing the same on Sunday, when Zapruder takes the stage. If you’re in Seattle, hit up Sunset Tavern and have a beer for me and say hi to Mike.

Then, if you’ve got the balls, comment and tell me how it all went.

Michael Zapruder: Ads For Feelings
[audio:1107_michael_zapruder_-_ads_for_feelings.mp3|titles=Ads For Feelings|artists=Michael Zapruder]

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