Disasteradio: Awesome Feelings [Video]


Written by Fense

Woah. Talk about channeling 80s synth pop! Disasteradio is Luke Rowell, a name that sounds suspiciously like you growl, and the music he makes sounds suspiciously 80s. But like 80s synth pop, it comes with the glorious flare of colorfully flashy synth lines, computerized tidbits, and all the swank a wacky early twenty-something male can muster out of the nether regions of… well, you know what I’m getting at.

“Awesome Feelings” kicks off Disasteradio’s Eurovisions tour EP into gear with a Devo-ish twist that continues through the instrumental “Dancing Fancy”. “Beyond 2000” could have easily been made fifteen years before Y2K, or maybe a few years before, in 1983; that was the year Luke was born. Track 4, “Digital Pop”, is the second on the brief EP to feature Luke’s robotic-ish vocals and is just as catchy as the opening tune.

Disasteradio, along with fellow New Zealanders Little Pictures (in fact, the Little Pictures male counterpart, Mark Turner, turned me onto this band) show that New Zealand is a happening place for retro-fitted pop outfits. And the video! This video for “Awesome Feelings” screams 80s, and reminds me a bit of Dan Deacon, were Deacon to not metaphorically drop acid and look through a kaleidoscope before making his music and/or videos.

Disasteradio: Awesome Feelings [mp3]
[audio:1107_disasteradio_-_awesome_feelings.mp3|titles=Awesome Feelings|artists=Disasteradio]

Disasteradio: Digital Pop [mp3]
[audio:1107_disasteradio_-_digital_pop.mp3|titles=Digital Pop|artists=Disasteradio]

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