Ruby Isle: How It Hurts [Video]

Ruby Isle

Written by Fense

I may be slightly off in my vision of who exactly Kindercore Records is as an entity — my perception stems to a single folk-pop release from around a decade ago. From this quiet, self-titled album birthed one of my favorite groups, Kings Of Convenience. Beyond that release, I knew the label to be a haven for bands of the Elephant 6 notoriety.

After a lengthy hiatus due to legal troubles, Kindercore recently resurfaced victorious in their battle for the right to put out great music and the result, among others, is Ruby Isle. Their style of pop is one of contradiction — featuring moody synth lines, it is surprisingly upbeat. Visually, this contradiction is displayed well in the video for “How It Hurts”.

On one end, the video depicts a demolition derby and on the other is an injured man being attended to by a very hot nurse. We’re led to believe that he took part in the derby. As to whether this is a mere post-derby roll-play or a true injury… well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

Personally? I like to think it’s the former, and the upbeat nature of Ruby Isle’s pop makes me think I’m right. To better help you check out Ruby Isle’s fun-loving pop, you can see the video below. I’ve also included “Night Shot” and “Hey Hey Hey (That Kid’s Okay)” below. Both these tunes, along with “How It Hurts” can be found on Night Shot, out now on Kindercore.

Ruby Isle: Hey Hey Hey (That Kid’s Okay) [mp3]
[audio:1106_ruby_isle_-_hey_hey_hey_that_kids_okay.mp3|titles=Hey Hey Hey (That Kid’s Okay)|artists=Ruby Isle]

Ruby Isle: Night Shot [mp3]
[audio:1106_ruby_isle_-_night_shot.mp3|titles=Night Shot|artists=Ruby Isle]

Ruby Isle – “How It Hurts” from Taylor Coggin on Vimeo.

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