Ramona Córdova [Feature Band]

Ramona Cordova

Written by Fense

Ramona Córdova (MySpace) is a folk artist. But he’s a very nontraditional one. Like my recent post on DZR:P, Ramona tends to favor the falsetto voice, but unlike DZR:P, he tends to not only be in-tune, but he comes off sounding somewhat similar to Visit, the Asian opera singer from this year’s season of Bravo’s Top Design.

(Note that the prior statement is meant as a great compliment; while Visit was somewhat odd, he was an amazing singer. Had there been a band behind his voice, it would not have sounded as awkward and pained.)

Instead, Córdova’s album The Boy Who Floated Freely is more like the recent concept album by Fishboy — but here the theme is being stuck on “an island inhabited by gypsies” (Swedesplease). And the music is a bit more exotic.

The band’s vocals are often sung falsetto, adding to what first seems like sarcasm. But it’s not always the case; “Giver’s Reply” off the aforementioned album is about half falsetto, half not. It is still packed with a similar sarcasm, though. This pattern can be found throughout the album.

Attached here are a few tracks off The Boy Who Floated Freely. The entire album is available for download here.

Ramona Córdova: Givers Reply [mp3]

Ramona Córdova: One Day, Someday [mp3]

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