Lithops [Feature Band]


Written by Fense

Listening to Lithops for the first time, I had the distinct feeling I was watching someone play a video game. It took me back to the days of the original Nintendo. But not the game console, the games themselves. The music is much too advanced for such a system.

When I hear Lithops, I can’t help but think I’m watching Super Mario Brothers On Crack played by a wide-eyed meth head. Level Two, “Rosa In A Light Speed Vessel” finds Mario and his crew battling psychedelic mushrooms in their retro World War I era fighter plane; propellers whir throughout the latter half of the song.

The group’s entire album is like that — it’s retro, yet there’s something futuristic about it that’s inescapable. It’s like it was made twenty years in the future and made to incorporate elements of the 90s as a hint of sarcasm. That’s the brilliance behind Mound Magnet – Elevations Above Sea Level Pt. 2.

Lithops: Rosa In A Light Speed Vessel [mp3]
[audio:1024_lithops_-_rosa_in_a_light_speed_vessel.mp3|titles=Rosa In A Light Speed Vessel|artists=Lithops]

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