The Hush Now [Feature Band]

The Hush Now

The Hush Now (MySpace) make melodic indie-pop with two-part male vocal harmonies. The poppy riffs and bouncy percussion and spacey guitars are not really what one would expect from a Civil War re-enactor, or even a Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp Counselor, but The Hush Now has one of each.

It’s funny, how someone like me can think a Civil War re-enactor as nerdy and dorky, yet there’s no question about myself. How is a Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp Counselor different from an obsessive compulsive who collects records—many of which he has yet to play? I guess the difference is public versus private. I can hide my dorkiness behind my front door.

So what about The Hush Now? Listening to the shoegaze-y guitar riff in “Traditions”, I can’t help but think these guys got something right. Maybe I should try carrying ten records around with me wherever I go. Maybe then I could get something right too.

The Hush Now’s self-titled, self-released debut hits soon. Here’s a taste…

The Hush Now: Traditions [mp3]
[audio:1010_the_hush_now_-_traditions.mp3|titles=Traditions|artists=The Hush Now]

The Hush Now: Sadies Hawkins Dance [mp3]
[audio:1010_the_hush_now_-_sadies_hawkins_dance.mp3|titles=Sadies Hawkins Dance|artists=The Hush Now]

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