Silje Nes [Feature Band]

Silje Nes

Written by Fense

Silje Nes is a Norwegian artist whose songs are masqueraded as minimal pop gems. Her voice is high pitched and sometimes childish, but the music she makes displays an inherent knowledge of songcraft, from the experimental “Over All” to the softly romantic “Drown”.

This duality may be surprising to some, but to know her past is to understand just how cohesive this music is—not only has she played in an indie pop band, she played timpani in an orchestra and bass drum in a marching band. With such an eclectic background, it should be no surprise that FatCat Records—the folks that unleashed Animal Collective on the world—decided to release Ames Room, her 2008 album.

Nes likes to change things up. Her songs are often schizophrenic in that there is no transition between one song and the next, as found on many albums that dabble in experimentation. Instead she’s more apt to have an accessible pop song next to an eclectic, avant garde one.

Silje Nes: Ames Room [mp3]
[audio:1007_silje_nes_-_ames_room.mp3|titles=Ames Room|artists=Silje Nes]

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