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Talkdemonic: Eyes At Half Mast [Album Review]

Talkdemonic by Alicia Rose Photography

Written by Fense

I missed out on Beat Romantic. Sure, I own a copy of the album, but I didn’t pick up the pristine green vinyl version before it sold out. I told myself I wouldn’t let that happen on the new Talkdemonic (MySpace) album, Eyes At Half Mast. And I didn’t—this one is on flashy white vinyl. I snagged a copy the day it hit stores.

Eyes At Half Mast is quite similar to the rest of Talkdemonic’s catalog in that there is a heavy emphasis on Kevin O’Connor’s trap set, electronic laptop sounds, and the violin mastery of Lisa Molinaro. However, there are a few changes. But first, a diversion…

I feel like I have a special connection with O’Connor, though I’ve never met the guy. I’m sure it’s the same thing people at KXLU feel when they talk about Jimmy Tamborello. You see, back in the day, O’Connor was the General Manager of KZUU, the Washington State University radio station—and KZUU is where FensePost was born.

So, there are some notable changes on Half Mast. There’s a surprising inclusion of tonal vocals on “Ending The Orange Glow”, and there’s a dominating presence of banjo. Still, the changes aren’t significant enough to deter past fans—if you dug Beat Romantic and Mutiny Sunshine, you’ll enjoy Eyes At Half Mast.

Talkdemonic: Duality Of Deathening [mp3]
[audio:0929_talkdemonic_-_duality_of_deathening.mp3|titles=Duality Of Deathening|artists=Talkdemonic]

Eyes At Half Mast by Talkdemonic

Arena Rock Recording Company [12″ LP, 2008]

1. Leaving Light
2. Ending The Orange Glow
3. Duality Of Deathening
4. Shattered Into Dyes
5. Tides In Their Grave
6. Civilian
7. Black Wood Crimson
8. March Movement
9. Dim Sky
10. Shallow Doldrums
11. Dust And Heat
12. Huancayo Orchestrelle
13. Dream By Heart
14. A Hundred Faces In The Neon Forest

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