Murmansk [Feature Band]

Murmansk by Terhi Ylimainen

Written by Fense

“Chinese Locks”, the debut title-track by Murmansk (MySpace) opens with drone and feedback-filled guitars that last a full two minutes before any sort of rhythmic beat comes in. In a way, it sets the stage for what’s to come—Murmansk’s experimental style, female fronted rock. It’s a powerful and bold introductory statement that, in all actuality, works quite well.

Murmansk is all about noise. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as I just mentioned they frequently lapse into experimental rock. In such moments, the vocals tend to drop out and guitars take over, increasing the noise volume exponentially and dipping into shoegaze.

While elements of their hefty rock-meets-experimental metal is nothing new, it is in the experimental moments that Murmansk sets themselves apart from other rock groups. Murmansk hails from Helsinki, Finland and their debut release, Chinese Locks, is out now on their home-country label, Around Your Neck Records.

Murmansk: Chinese Locks [mp3]
[audio:0929_murmansk_-_chinese_locks.mp3|titles=Chinese Locks|artists=Murmansk]

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