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Grumpy Bear: Kosar [Album Review]

Grumpy Bear

Written by Fense

Kosar is the first album review on FensePost to have been released on a minidisk. It’s one of those under-three-inch discs rarely found anywhere these days. I remember first seeing the technology back in the 90s in the hands of a friend who used it to record some live tunes. We were riding the school bus and people found the minidisk player fascinating. While the technology never really took hold to replace the larger compact disc, Kosar proves just how unique Grumpy Bear is as a band.

The opening tune is titled “Sleepynaut”, a name derived from a Grumpy Bear side project. Where the band Sleepynaut was a bit out of my taste range at the time, the song is a pleasant instrumental-ish tune (ish for the placement of vocal Oooohs). Kosar then enters into “Keepsake Pt. 1”, a mopey folk tune.

In true Grumpy Bear form, each song is as unique as the band, even in comparison to the other songs on the album. “Harryhausen” tweaks the sound again with fuzzed out vocals before diving back into folk with “Jazz Hands!”, though the latter is much more upbeat than the earlier folk tune. Then, “To The Sea” concludes Kosar softly.

Grumpy Bear remains one of the more innovative bands out their. Each release brings unexpected turns and bizarre twists, making every song as interesting as the next… and last. Unfortunately this little item is out of print, but here are the first two songs for your enjoyment.

Grumpy Bear: Sleepynaut [mp3]
[audio:0924_grumpy_bear_-_sleepynaut.mp3|titles=Sleepynaut|artists=Grumpy Bear]

Grumpy Bear: Keepsake Part 1 [mp3]
[audio:0924_grumpy_bear_-_keepsake_pt_1.mp3|titles=Keepsake Part 1|artists=Grumpy Bear]

Kosar by Grumpy Bear

Pop Monster [Minidisk EP, 2007]

1. Sleepynaut
2. Keepsake Pt. 1
3. Harryhausen
4. Jazz Hands!
5. To The Sea

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